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              Land Rights News Northern Edition June 2020

              Australia's oldest Aboriginal newspaper, telling stories from remote Aboriginal lands from across the Northern Territory. In this edition: a look at how COVID-19 impacted remote Aboriginal communities; get to know your rights about accessing pastoral leases in the NT; the Learning on Country program goes from strength to strength and Malak Malak traditional owners go high tech to preserve language.

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              Public information sheet from the NT Aboriginal Land Councils

              An open message to traditional owners, remote community members and the public about the coronavirus pandemic from the four land councils in the NT.

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              NLC update on permit conditions after 5 June 2020

              Restrictions on travel to and from remote communities in the Northern Territory will be lifted on 5 June.

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              Land Rights Act key to cultural integrity for the Mirarr traditional owners of Jabiru

              The NLC has welcomed the introduction of the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Amendment (Jabiru) Bill 2020 into the Federal Parliament.

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              NLC's Chairman shares a message about Coronavirus

              A message for all you mob in the NLC area from the Chairman, Samuel Bush-Blanasi. "Stay on country, look after your family and look after yourself."

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              The NLC welcomes Aboriginal ranger funding extension

              The NLC welcomes the announcement that the NIAA Indigenous Ranger Program funding will be extended for seven years.

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